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1 Get Signature PowerPoint Template with over 72 slides filled with infographic style layouts to suit every occasion and need, with multiple Key note layouts in tune with latest design trends, this template will make your presentation look professional and sharp

​Value: 2500 INR

2 Real Emotives Graphic Pack: Get 8 Character sets to direct the emotional response from your audience, adding a character humanizes the presentations. A great tool for storytellers to build the emotional tempo of the audience.

​Value: 2500 INR

3 Animated Characters in different actions: Want to make your presentations more fun, animated and dynamic these characters ZUHU and ZOHO will come to the rescue. Just drag and drop and you are ready to create your short animated story !!

Value: 1500 INR


4 Professional Resume Template : we all know how recruiters scan resumes , the one that stands out makes the stack right !!, this professional resume template will make your profile stand out from the heap of others, make your information easy and interesting to the eyes (if you are in recruitment you know what that means!!)

Value: 2000 INR

5 Mind Mapping Course : Want to learn how to quickly transfer information into your long term memory , this course will teach you the tools and process of arranging information that mimic the neural networks of the brain, commit to memory all things with ease.

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8 Access to best management e learning for corporate managers on variety of leadership subjects relevant to them.

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