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The Reality of Rising up the Corporate Ladder ...

I want to share with you  a personal story which had deep impact on me ...

During my tenure as an internal training leader in a big company, I was familiar with this person who, He was an expert in his field and he had applied again for a next level internal position. 

He was a very excited as he was the senior most person in his team at his level and was pretty hopeful  that the leaders would consider him and promote him to the next level.

As the results of IJP (Internal Job Posting) came out it became clear that he was not selected he was absolutely disheartened, demotivated and demoralized with the result.

I was also taken by surprise, I knew this person personally, I knew that he was technically sound and a  hard worker, always helpful, had a good attitude and had been in the team for many years and was quite the go to person for any technical difficulty related to the process  or domain. 

And the people who are making the decision were also tenured, and they were way past the effects of first impression to make the decision.

Here is what I learnt:

I decided to do a little fact finding of my own as I knew the leaders personally who had interviewed them I had a Candid discussion with them to understand why he was not selected, A comment that I heard from them was that when he gets up in front of people to present he is not able to hold the audience's attention and drive his point. He is quick to lose the plot and go on a tangent. The leadership actually wanted to help him but they felt that the next level position for him was a strategic one. Where he would be required to work with and customers, manage team and partners that will require much better skills at persuasion. And they felt that he would get under tremendous stress and will not be able to channelize his resources and they would lose him from whatever he is doing right now..

The Truth Hits Hard.

Standing there listening to this, it hit me hard -the reality of rising in the corporate ladder. I knew it but I had never believed it with so much of conviction that the ability to make people see your point of view and be able to persuasively reach a consensus is so very absolutely critical to make a progress to the upper management  grade  in corporate world.

And after a point in your career if you ask me it is even more important than the actual work that you do, the technical skill that you possess., The Domain Knowledge you have- yes this revelation is so heartbreaking but this is the truth...

Well I went back to this person and shared the essence of feedback with him,

After listening to it patiently he told me that he has  got this feedback before  and was  trying to improve on his skills but not being actually able to improve in a way that others can see the difference.

Now I know this for a fact, that Presenting Persuasively is not something that lot of people are natural at or even get better at naturally, as there are way too many hindrances given our left brained orientation and no formal education in science of influence (which is counterintuitive to begin with). For most, and I mean 99% of business leaders- It’s an acquired skill. 

That got me thinking how does one in the corporate world, who does not fall into the elite top 1% of natural born presenters and storytellers acquire this skill ....

What is the solution Professionals have, to become better presenters

Well that got me thinking on how does one improve ,given all the opportunities and limitations. I did a little survey and found the following as the strategies that professionals are opting for..

1. Study on your own:

This is the ultimate way to develop oneself and If one can keep the rigor and focus for months and years together this really works, but the reality of this strategy is that lot of us get started on this path typically by buying a book but in lack of a formal structure and motivation from outside, this strategy soon becomes too tiresome and losing focus is but natural, the result however is the same, one does not make any real progress.

More it’s hard to find good material as it’s scattered all over the place in so many books and lets be real there is a inherent limitation in this strategy Reading books only gives you knowledge not practice.

2. Attend one/two day Presentations Skills workshops:

 Many organizations offer these workshops to its employees, they are good motivation for short time, after a week of the workshop, research has proven that participants retain only 50 % of what was taught and that percentage goes down drastically as more weeks pass by ,in a short time Everything moves back to where it was.

These 1-2 day workshops without any continuity plan, or regular coaching, slips through the cracks and no real change is achieved.

3. Get more experience of presenting:

It have heard a lot of leaders say that ‘one gets better with experience’ it sounds believable but the reality is far from it, if that was the case everyone with experience would have become a master by now. Unfortunately and contrary to intuition, one does not get better even with increasing experience of giving presentations, as many bad or mediocre experiences only builds up anxiety, it really doesn't help one become a better presenter. 

People always tend to share negative feedback or more around what was wrong, but no one ever really gives any constructive guidance or coaching on how to do it better. 

4. Learn from others, see how others do It.:

 I am a big fan of this strategy there is a lot of learning in observing others who are great at it. But the nature of this strategy is so erratic that it can only fill in as a additional strategy not the main one. As these experiences of watching a master perform is far and few, moreover even if you witness a great presentation, you only see a final product, you don’t get the behind the scene insights on how did the presenter get to this point.

How did he /she prepare for it ?what decisions did the presenter have to make to get here. which the actual process of preparing the presentation.
Hoping that some other person at work will help you out and in your skill building is asking for too much given the  cut throat competition in corporate workplace today no one can realistically put in time and effort it takes to achieve real skill improvement for you.

5. Hire a personal coach; 

All top executives hire a personal coach to help them in skill building we all know that, and that’s because the company can make that investment for their key players. But if you are not sitting at that position it will be way too expensive to afford. having a personal coach is far the most effective ,quicker and definitive way to get better skill that is why all athletes /players /CEO's depend on personal coaching to get better.

Long story Short is this ..

You know the skill of Presenting Persuasively is clearly the biggest bet to rising up in the career, yet the methods and ecosystems we have are not conducive to really deliver real world skill improvement.

This reality applies to everyone in corporate world!

  • It applies to Tenured Professionals are feeling stuck in their careers, have  accepted themselves as a mediocre presenter. And they see no clear way to really improve their skills.

  • It applies to New Professionals who are figuring out how to gain visibility in the corporate world and be seen as an influencer. They are evaluating which course to do and who to depend on for real skill building.

  • It applies to Ambitious  Business Professionals who have made considerable progress in their careers but know that what has got them here will not get them there. And they want take their career to the next level but how? They are looking for systems and processes that can help them get better than their competition.

After working on skill building for corporate professionals for over 15 years, I have seen the skill building process very closely and I have developed a fair insight on what works and what breaks ...

I want to share with you the ..

Two big shortcomings of the Traditional methods: 

available to corporate employees ,which render them useless for serious skill building. These are...

  • NO Continuous Learning Journey: You did not learn to walk or swim or cycle in one day , it takes months of practice , Learning process requires working on the subject for continuously for a long time , there is no overnight quick fix  to skill building. 
  • NO Expert Guidance and  Coaching. An expert working with you on your strengths and weakness is the most valuable ingredient to developing a skill. without an expert by your side it takes longer and yet the results are not as comparable to what a coach can help you achieve.

The Fact is so many professional (99%) out there are betting on strategies that has these two ingredients missing, needless to say they are putting their careers at risk. neither will these strategies deliver any results , more it will demotivate them about their own ability as a presenter.

You deserve something better, A Practical system that turns your need of becoming top class presenter  a reality!  quicker than you can your competition. one crucial step at a time. 

Let me tell you about the Online Coaching Program that I have designed that plugs the gaps of traditional methods and provides a revolutionary way of skill building that really delivers results , and integrates well  with time pressures  and life style of working in corporates.

A step by Step Coaching Program that will help you 

Achieve mastery one skill at a time 

  • 1
    Awesome Training Content: you get access to top quality - training content on the subject covering the most cutting edge tools, concepts and methods to learn from.
  • 2
    Personalised Coaching : You get one on one time with expert in the field to work on your improvement areas customised to your objective and needs.
  • 3
    Continuous Learning Journey : You will engage with high quality content constantly over next 6 months , in bite size learning. easy and quick to consume.


This course will provide the most premium knowledge on the subject in an easy to understand format ….

This will Save you from reading many books and finding content on it …I have done the heavy lifting for you when I say that there will be no other course you will ever need to take, I mean it, because in this course you will cover important concepts and techniques that are most relevant in today’s times.


The Real Reason why I Guarantee this course will deliver results for you is this,

I and my team will work with you to ensure that you get the skills that you need to take your skill building to the next level, I will personally make sure that you achieve breakthrough in whatever that is holding you back with respect to becoming a master presenter.


This course is about becoming an action learner, so you will apply whatever you will learn, there is no two ways about it. It will take courage and it will take for you to do things differently, but it will be all worth it. All Learnings will be actionable that you can apply to your workplace. 

Learning and not doing is not learning at all ..

Persuasive -Storytelling
Online Coaching Program

INR 49995.


If you are unsatisfied for any reason , just ask for the refund !

What you will learn in this course..

This course will teach you and coach you on everything you need to make a powerful business presentations using the power of persuasive storytelling system.

Whether you are telling a story – leadership story to move people. Or
Telling it like a story - business presentation to influence your audience.

No more boring the audience, losing connect with them, failing to create impact with them, get stressed out preparing and delivering your presentations.

Build Super skills to become a master presenter – the most valuable skill of your career!

This training will help you master all types of presentation scenarios.

Giving all types of business presentation to internal and external customers,

This is the only the Storytelling and advanced presentation skills training you will ever need. You will gain an unfair advantage over your peers to get the job or visibility you need to put your career in the fast lane.

You can deliver an outstanding experience and wow your audience and truly stand out as a great speaker and influencer
I invite you to embark on this learning process from which you will emerge as a great storyteller.  

Building Mindset 

Get the facts right to develop the right perspective.

  • check
    How people make decisions and what presenters can learn from it.
  • Why stories are more impactful, what is the relevance for today’s business leaders?
  • check
    Why stories are more impactful than traditional presentations

Persuasion Tools

How to Build Persuasion in your content.

  • check
    Master the AFTK Persuasion Tool to know what you should say to get the desired action from your audience
  • What do I need to know about my audience to build persuasion
  • check
    How to trigger immediate action from your prospect using the 6 Psychological techniques

Connection Tools

How to build instant connect with your audience by using the proven techniques

  • check
    Learn the instant hooking techniques to grab attention and build connect with your audience.
  • How to make your content so that everyone can understands 
  • check
    How to know what level of detail to go into.How to present to senior leadership staying quick crisp and impactful

Influence Tools:

how to make your audience like your ideas.

  • check
    How to make your ideas stick to your audience’s mind...
  • How to make our ideas more believable 
  • check
    How to change the mindset of your Audience.
  • check
    Important laws of influence and how to use to get audience on your side.

Building your Story​ 

How to build stories from your content

  • check
    What is a story and its Purpose 
  • Characteristics of a story and how to use the Key Storytelling elements in your presentation
  • check
    Understand the basic story structure and design
  • check
    Using the story templates to structure your story
  • check
    How to make sure your story is complete


The Magical Process to sketch your ideas to Clarity 

  • How to use the storyboarding technique to structure and sequence your ideas for your presentation
  • check
    How to use storyboarding to quickly design your presentation from scratch..

Tools for ​​​​Storytelling

Learn the tools to tell your story Visually..

  • check
    Learn The Fundamentals of Visual Design and User Experience  
  • check
    Learn how to create visual story experience for different modalities like PowerPoint slides, data charts, infographics, reports, dashboards

Perfect your Powerpoint

Become an expert at using powerpoint for storytelling  

  • Learn the Advanced features and use case of different powerpoint applications.
  • check
    Learn the secret tricks of powerpoint that you can use for making presentations.

DATA ​​​​Storytelling  

Storify your Data driven insights.

  • check
    Typical data driven narratives and appropriate visualization techniques
  • check
    Choosing the correct visual tool.
  • check
    How should your charts and Graphs Look Like and how to fix existing charts
  • check
    How to make audience see what you want to show -Pre attentive attributes
  • check
    Steps to Creating data driven stories
  • check
    How to use advanced visualization to reflect complex Relationships.

Delivering the Story:

Learn the Secrets of A charismatic Presenter

  • check
    How to build confidence to present to live audience
  • How to open your presentation
  • check
    Building Credibility & Rapport
  • check
    Grab attention of your audience
  • check
    Body Language secrets to build likability and authority.
  • check
    Using Voice modulation to tell a vivid story.
  • check
    How to design and manage Audience interaction
  • check
    Showing people why your ideas matter to them
  • check
    Public speaking tips and Tricks
  • check
    How to constantly Improve the delivery Style.

Leadership Storytelling

Establish Deep Connect-Inspire Action

  • check
    Why leaders need to be storytellers
  • check
    How to Drive Action with Stories
  • check
    How to Build Trust with Stories
  • check
    How to build your Build your Brand with Stories
  • check
    How to Transmit Values with Stories
  • check
    How to Build Teams and culture With Stories
  • check
    How to Lead People into Future with Stories
  • check
    How to genuinely craft inspiring stories from your personal experience

About the Instructor.

Aman Deep Dubey is a professional trainer and a coach with 15 years of experience, having trained more than 10 thousand corporate professionals in various settings, he has been in the past certified trainer for international brands like 7 Habits of High effective people, Lateral Thinking, NLP, MBTI suite of instruments.

Aman is a keynote speaker has spoken at various conferences at IIT, ISTD, Amity…

Aman runs a Learning Design Studio, as a Chief Learning Strategist he consults with organizations to build new age learning products and solutions.

I started out as a shy school boy afraid of speaking in public and anxious about how to communicate. When I decided to make a career in public speaking and training, I had to really step outside of my comfort zone, unwire my natural brain and acquire new skills, as I was not a natural extrovert and a born storyteller.

As I Built a business and trained myself with the art of giving presentations to c suite leaders, in a group settings and influenced people I tested every strategy out there for its real world impact.  

I have gone through a very long learning curve, and when I look back I can see a clear and shorter path I could have taken if I was to do it again, that's what I have got for you here.

A simplistic system that works quickly for anyone to master the art of persuasion and storytelling.

Testimonials from Coaching Students ..

Aman is great presentation coach!

I have been working with Aman for my presentation, He has helped me tremendously in building the strategy for my presentations, being in marketing I have to regularly give presentations  to my clients and internally, speak at events etc, Aman has  helped me identify the most impactful content for my pitch and how to structure the information for influencing my audience to say yes to me !!  his insights  has allowed me to now prepare my presentations with laser sharp focus on results rather than broad- blunt approach I was using before,   I would recommend Aman to any one who want to create an impact with their presentation.

Atin Verma   //  Head of Marketing - Ingram micro 

Aman has great insights about influencing people.

It was a real pleasure to work with Aman, I was preparing to give a High stake presentation to a prospect. My initial plan was to have all round approach to the information, Aman helped me understand the possibilities I can achieve through my presentation. I decided to leave behind a lot of information that was not going to help me get the result I wanted.

I decided to focus on things that would be most crucial for building the brand in customer’s made the presentation less voluminous, more memorable and more fun and relaxed to deliver.

I will recommend all serious professionals to take his ideas and put them to action, they work!

Dheeraj Luthra  //  Vice President - Moody's

Testimonials from Workshop Students ..

Sandeep Gupta Sr. General Manager, CNH Industrial (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Very happy with the outcome

​Outstanding training by Aman, he was able to understand our challenges and tailored the workshop to our needs, very happy with the outcome, team has appreciated the effort trainer has put in to provide solutions to their needs. Over all outstanding experience.

Jatin Bhardwaj Sr. Manager, Product Management – Auto, CNH Industrial (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Much needed initiative for the team

The training has been good and a much needed initiative for the team. The content was relevant and the delivery style was good. Thanks to Aman, the presentation enabled us to revisit some of the forgotten concepts which are actually needed in everyday life while presenting.

Abhijeet Ranjan Sr. Executive-Product Marketing, CNH Industrial (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Content was very effective.

The training on Storytelling gave me a lot of new tools and techniques that I wasn’t aware of before. The content and delivery was very effective. I learnt a lot in the last 2 days!

Sunil Garg ​DGM-Sales and Marketing, CNH Industrial (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Very well structured

​The training on Leadership Storytelling was very well structured and delivered in a very convincing manner. I got to learn many new techniques which I plan to use in the coming days. Thanks to Aman for making the experience so interesting and meaningful.

Shrikant Kulkarni Country Manager at PANalytical India

Excellent workshop

Thanks for delivering an excellent workshop, I think it was very nicely planned and executed by you. We collectively got a very good feedback. Mostly outstanding scores on all training parameters.

Still thinking! Here are some questions answered

If you are thinking ‘I want to go for it, I don’t think I will have the time, will I be able to keep up with the course?

We have found solution to this by making the training content crisp and to the point, using micro learning principles. I want to make it clear this is not an academic course to prepare you for any university teaching position, this is a practical course with a single minded focus to help you achieve breakthrough at workplace, period. so what you will learn will be practical , doable , easy to understand and implement

The content will come to you in a periodically thus avoiding overwhelm of information

If you do get busy with life and other pressures at work, I will help you bring up to speed with the course.

If you are thinking –‘This course is too expensive’

As a father and husband running a house I am super price conscious myself, I always think of longevity of returns on my investment. I am sure these consideration for you too.

If you ask yourself how valuable is the prospect of future for you where you are able to exert more influence at workplace. Its invaluable right?

We spend so much money in movies and outings and gadgets, returns of which are short lived. Investing in yourself will pay you back the longest and the farthest ….that’s my promise to you.

More consider the price you are today paying for any good 2 day workshop, this is comparable to that. Only difference is that in the two day workshop, the learning and interaction will end in 2 days and here with my coaching program you will learn for 6 months that’s a big win over the 2 day model

Getting a Personal business coach will cost you the same amount for an hour of coaching.

Don’t wait for the discounts to get over. Then you will pay more for what you could have paid less for… so act in time and save some money.

Got any questions I can answer for you. Put them in the comments if you think they are general questions that others can also have or drop me a line at amandeepdubey!

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