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What are Participants Saying !!!!

Lorna Barrow

​Breakthrough Specialist

I love it! It makes perfect sense and for me, it's easy to use!

Now! I've been making all types of speeches and presentations for more that 25 years

and I've never come across your persuasion strategy.

I'm now looking forward to the third video...

Tahirtrn Husain

It's a Masterpiece -Sharing with my Sales team.

I believe its really a masterpiece I am sharing it my sales team so that we start working on this immediately…Thank you it was really helpful.

Genny Villa

​Instructional Designer

Thank you, Aman! Backing up your presentation with neuroscience concepts proved very effective!

Ashish Miglani​

​Manager Operations and Finance

Very effective presentation Aman. Great job.

Very effective presentation Aman. Great job. It really helps understand where and when logic and emotions work hand in hand. The truth of neuroscience, carrying the above two, and cascading to professional environment is a need of the hour. Also, that becomes a heart winning of stakeholders when we learn their emotions besides the logic that we apply.

Piyush Mahajan

​​Corporate Facilitator

Looking Forward to More ..

A very important point highlighted in the video – connect with the feelings of the audience rather than just the logic. Looking forward to more…

​Rajeev Dudi

​Skill Development Expert

 Thanks for the informative video.

As you correctly said, this is logical and yet it feels right and appeals beyond logic.

Chirag Uppal


Nice point about the four steps in persuading the audience.


Insights about human Emotions!

Love this eternal value that often gets left behind … but is the most critical part of connecting genuinely with people and makes up what ultimately is why we are here in this human experience; emotion and feelings.


Please share next Masterclass!

Hi Aman, really appreciate the information shared in Masterclass 1 – you can choose to keep informing us while you launch your videos 


Thanks for sharing the persuasion tool!

Topgun Love

Hi Aman, Great work in Masterclass 1 – you can choose to keep informing us while you launch your videos – through emails

RN Associates

Hi Aman, Very interesting video – simple, concise but enlightening. Thank You. Looking forward to next Masterclass

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